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We have worked with Sunflower Florist Vancouver for many years and feel they should receive more recognition for the amazing work that they do. One of the reasons our photography looks so good is because of the tireless effort these people invest into making the scene beautiful and  over the top!

As we begin the new year of 2015, this post starts a new series showcasing the best talent in our city, people who I am so happy and privileged to call my friends.

Our first post is about one of my dear industry friends, May, from Sunflower Florist Vancouver, recent winner of 4 CWIA awards, BC Wedding Awards and numerous magazine features. We’ve been in this business just over ten years and we have seen a LOT of wedding flowers. We’ve come to know what the best looks like and May, from Sunflower Florist Vancouver is one of them. From there very first time we met May,  she was so warm and inviting, making sure that we had everything we needed. Now, years later, we continue to see impeccable quality from her team and her creations, time and time again. We have had the immeasurable pleasure of working with her, creating with her and sharing some wonderful industry achievements together. Here are a few of her recent features that have been showcased in Wedluxe magazine: All floral by Sunflower Florist

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A little know fact about her company is that she also produces amazing Persian Sofreh tables for traditional ceremonies. These are the beautiful tables filled with symbolic items and food designed as a blessing for the wedding couple in their new life together.

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If you are looking for an amazing florist with top choice flowers, please go see May at her downtown Vancouver location for a consult, you won’t be disappointed! Sunflower Florist – 1359 Richards St Vancouver, V6B 3G7   604-676-7677

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If you would like to see more of her work from these features, please follow the links below:

Avant Garden, Wedluxe Magazine

Wedluxe editorials

Alnaz & Hossein Wedding

Sunflower Florist Vancouver – Vancouver Wedding Photography by Jasalyn Thorne

Jasalyn has been published in over fifty editorials, blogs and competitions over the past 5 years. Jasalyn is considered to be one of the most published wedding photographers in Canada. She is an award winning international photographer with over 10 years of experience.

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